Progress Report – 500 “Featured” Hikes – January, 2020 Update

Last year we posted about our goal to complete 500 “featured” hikes from William L. Sullivan’s “100 hikes” guidebook series. We made some decent headway in 2019 especially with the NW Oregon/SW Washington area. We picked the newest version of the 4th edition of that book in Spring and completed a 13 more featured hikes from that book during the year.

In all we were able to check off an additional 24 featured hikes which included the 13 from NW Oregon, 6 from the Central Cascades, 3 from the Oregon coast, and 2 from Eastern Oregon. The one book that we didn’t make any headway with was Southern Oregon due to sticking mostly with day hikes in 2019.

At the end of 2019 we had been on 364 of the 500 featured hikes which broken down by book looks like this:
95/100 – “100 Hikes/Travel Guide Oregon Coast & Coast Range” 4th Edition 2016

87/100 – “100 Hikes in the Central Oregon Cascades” 4th Edition 2012

86/100 – “100 Hikes/Travel Guide Northwest Oregon & Southwest Washington” 4th Edition 2018

53/100 – “100 Hikes/Travel Guide Eastern Oregon” 3rd Edition 2015

43/100 – “100 Hikes/Travel Guide Southern Oregon & Northern California” 4th Edition 2017

We’re hoping to have the NW, Central, and Coast books completed by the end of 2022 (the coast book hinges on the Salmonberry Railroad reopening). Despite lagging behind at only 42% completed, the Southern book would be next with a tentative completion the following year. In last year’s post I had us taking until 2027 to finish the Eastern Oregon book but after some fiddling with our future plans we have a chance to complete those hikes by the end of 2025.

I’m sure there will be some twists and turns along the way, but eventually we hope to reach our goal. Even if we don’t it should be a lot of fun trying. Happy Trails!

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[…] Our vacation week had a theme going, multiple stop days, and we continued that on Friday with a three stop day to check off another of Sullivan’s featured hikes – Echo Basin. Actually the hike was no longer one of Sullivan’s 100 featured hikes in the most recent edition of his Central Oregon Cascades guidebook, but it was a featured hike in the 4th edition which is the one that we are using in our attempt to hike all of his featured hikes (post). […]

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