Hiking Year-end wrap up

2018 Wildflower Gallery

It wasn’t the greatest wildflower year in 2018 but there were still a few decent displays and several new species for us. Below are some of the better displays as well as individual blossoms from this years hikes. (Attempts have been made to identify, at least in general, the type of flower but please correct us if we are wrong or chime in on the unidentified photos.)

Snow queenSnow queen – McDonald Forest, February

From Memaloose Hills in April:




Prairie starPrairie star


Wildflowers at Memaloose HillsUnknown

Large-flower triteleiaLarge-flower triteleia

Giant head cloverGiant head clover


From the Wygant Trail in April:

Hound's tongueHound’s tongue


Ballhead waterleafBallhead waterleaf

Chocolate lilyChocolate lily


Grass widowGrass widow


From Patterson Mountain in May:
Fawn liliesFawn lily

Fairy slippersFairy slippers

Wood violetWood violet

SaxifrageA saxifrage

Red flowering currantRed-flowering currant

Skunk cabbageSkunk cabbage

Glacier lilyGlacier lily

More flowers from May:
Wild irisIris – Washington Park

AnemoneAnemone – Lookout Creek Trail

TrilliumTrillium – Carpenter Mountain

BuckwheatBuckwheat – White River Falls State Park

ThistleThistle along the Deschutes River

Western prairie-clover along the Deschutes River TrailWestern prairie-clover along the Deschutes River

Clustered broomrapeClustered broomrape along the Deschutes River

BitterrootBitterroot – Rimrock Springs

BluebellsBluebells along Muir Creek

GooseberryGooseberry along Muir Creek

Wild irisIris along Muir Creek

LupineWhite lupine along Muir Creek

PeaPea? along Muir Creek

VioletsViolets along Muir Creek

Bleeding heartBleeding heart along the Muir Creek Trail

Tall mountain bluebellsTall mountain bluebells – Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness

Jacob's ladderJacob’s ladder – Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness

Marsh marigoldsMarsh marigolds – Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness

Avalanche liliesAvalanche lilies – Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness

Wildflowers along the Buck Canyon TrailSpring Beauty – Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness

Western stoneseedWestern stoneseed – Black Butte

June wildflowers:
BunchberryBunchberry – Salmon River Trail

AnemoneAnemone – Salmon River Trail

Star flowersStar flowers – Salmon River Trail

ValerianValerian – Salmon River Trail

RhododendronRhododendron – Salmon River Trail

Spotted coralrootSpotted coralroot – Salmon River Trail

Cat's ear lilyCats ear lily – Salmon River Trail

Field chickweedFiled chickweed – Salmon River Trail

StonecropStonecrop – Salmon River Trail

Wildflower along the Salmon River Trailunknown – Salmon River Trail

Paintbrush and plectritisPaintbrush and plectritis – Salmon River Trail

Blue head giliaBlue head gilia – Salmon River Trail

Candy sticksCandy sticks – Salmon River Trail

SalmonberrySalmonberry – Salmon River Trail

Showy MilkweedShowy milkweed along the Deschutes River

ChicoryChicory (non-native) along the Deschutes River

Blanket flowerBlanket flower along the Deschutes River

BindweedBindweed along the Deschutes River

Dwarf monkeyflowerDwarf monkeyflower – Diamond Craters

Wild onion and lupine leavesWild onion – Jordan Craters

Mariposa lily in Slocum GulchSagebrush mariposa lily – Leslie Gulch

Butterfly on dustymaiden in Slocum GulchDusty maiden – Leslie Gulch

ClarkiaClarkia – Leslie Gulch

PrimroseEvening Primerose – Three Forks

SalsifySalsify – Three Forks

Grand collomiaGrand collomia – Three Forks

Stream orchidStream orchid – Three Forks

Mariposa lilyMariposa lily – Three Forks

Wildflowers along the Owyhee Riverunknown – Three Forks

Tufted primroseTufted primrose – Chalk Basin

Orange globe mallowOrange globe mallow – Chalk Basin

Wildflowers in the Dry wash in Chalk Basinunknown – Chalk Basin

Blazing starSmooth stemmed blazing star – Chalk Basin

Threadleaf phaceliaThreadleaf phacelia – Chalk Basin

PenstemonPenstemon – Alvord Desert

Beetle on yarrowYarrow – Pike Creek

Purple sticky geraniumGeranium – Myrtle Creek

Scarlet giliaScarlet gilia – Myrtle Creek

PaintbrushYelow and red paintbrush – Myrtle Creek

Skull capSkull cap – Myrtle Creek

CheckermallowCheckermallow – Myrtle Creek

Death camasDeath camas – Myrtle Creek

Hedge nettleHedgenettle – Saddle Mountain

PenstemonBeardstongue – Saddle Mountain

Twin flowerTwin flower – Saddle Mountain

ColumbineColumbine – Saddle Mountain

LarkspurLarkspur – Saddle Mountain

Wildflowers along the Saddle Mountain TrailWildflowers on Saddle Mountain

Old man's whiskersOld man’s whiskers – Saddle Mountain

Wall flowerWallflower – Saddle Mountain

Wildflowers along the Saddle Mountain TrailFeatherbells – Saddle Mountain

Inside out flowerInside out flower – Saddle Mountain

FoxgloveFoxglove (non-native) – Soapstone Lake

July Wildflowers:
FireweedFireweed – Elk Lake Creek

Spreading dogbaneSpreading dogbane – Elk Lake Creek

Scouler's bluebellScouler’s bluebells – Elk Lake Creek

Washington liliesWashington lilies – Elk Lake Creek

Prince's pinePrince’s pine – Elk Lake Creek

CoralrootCoralroot – Elk Lake Creek

Pearly everlastingPearly everlasting – Elk Lake Creek

Wild gingerWild ginger – Browder Ridge

Tiger lilyTiger lily – Browder Ridge

Larkspur and paintbrushLarkspur and paintbrush – Browder Ridge

Vanilla leafVanilla leaf – Browder Ridge

Wildflowers along the Browder Ridge TrailSagebrush false dandelions and cat’s ear lilies – Browder Ridge

Oregon sunshineOregon sunshine? – Browder Ridge

SpireaSpirea – Browder Ridge

Shooting starShooting stars – Heart Lake

Owls cloverOwls clover – Browder Ridge

Lewis flaxLewis Flax – Browder Ridge

Northern phloxNorthern phlox – Horsepasture Mountain

Foam flowerFoam flower – Horsepasture Mountain

LousewortLousewort – Horsepasture Mountain

BeargrassBeargrass – Horsepasture Mountain

ConeflowerConeflower – Horsepasture Mountain

FleabaneA fleabane – Horsepasture Mountain

CatchflyCatchfly – Horsepasture Mountain

False helleboreFalse hellebore – Opal Creek Wilderness

MonkeyflowerMonkeyflower – Strawberry Mountain Wilderness

Streambed globe mallowStreambed globe mallow – Strawberry Mountain Wilderness

Mountain coyote mintMountain coyote mint – Strawberry Mountain Wilderness

Low jacob's ladderLow Jacob’s ladder – Strawberry Mountain Wilderness

Nuttall's LinanthusNuttall’s linanthus – Strawberry Mountain Wilderness

Bog orchidsBog orchids – Wildcat Spring

Elephants headElephants head – Strawberry Mountain Wilderness

LousewortLouewort – Strawberry Mountain Wilderness

Yellow paintbrushYellow paintbrush – Strawberry Mountain Wilderness

Rockfringe willowherbRockfringe willowherb – Strawberry Mountain Wilderness

Wildflowers along the Strawberry Basin TrailSmall wildflower meadow in the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness

Wild roseWild rose – Strawberry Mountain Wilderness

PenstemonPenstemon – Strawberry Mountain Wilderness

Wildflowers along the Skyline TrailHyssop, yellow paintbrush and unknown yellow flowers in the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness

PussypawsPussypaws – Strawberry Mountain Wilderness

Moving on to August:
GentiansGentians – Mt. Jefferson Wilderness

MonkeyflowerYellow monkeyflower – Mt. Jefferson Wilderness

AsterAster – Elkhorns

Orange agoserisOrange agoseris – Elkhorns

Mountain heatherMountain heather – Twin Lakes

wildflowers along Lower Twin Lakeunknown – Twin Lakes

BistortBistort – Elkhorns

Wildflower along the Rigdon Lakes TrailGroundsel? – Waldo Lake

A couple from September:
Western pasque flowersWestern pasque flower – Mt. Jefferson Wilderness

Wildflower on Mt. Jeffersonunknown – South Climb Route, Mt. Jefferson

One from October:
Moth mullenMoth mullen – Cape Perpetua

In a little over a month the snow queen will once again begin popping up at low elevations and soon after the eastern end of the Columbia Gorge will begin to cycle through it’s blooms starting with the grass widows. Until then we hope these flowers will be reminders of the colors of Spring/Summer. Happy Trails!

5 replies on “2018 Wildflower Gallery”

What a wonderful year in flowers, including the elusive Stream Orchid!
You are inspiring us to get to trails on the Deschutes River, Three Forks, and Rogue-Umpqua Divide! Thanks for the summary review. Your identifications seem spot on.

Hi! Wow! What a great collection of wildflower photographs, makes me wonder what a good year looks like. A couple of thoughts…

One of the unknowns from the Rogue-Umpqua Divide is almost certainly Spring Beauty (Claytonia spp.). Most guidebooks will put this in the Purslane Family (Portulacaceae).

What you have labeled as “Primrose” (those big showy blooms, one yellow, another white) are probably Evening Primrose (Onagraceae), a different family altogether from the Primrose Family (Primulaceae).

Perhaps you know this already but if not I share for your edification. I saw you labeled the Foxglove as a non-native, so you might be interested to know that Chicory is also non-native.

I am fascinated to see how many flowers, the exact same species, grow in Oregon as in Colorado. Here’s to you! Hoping that 2019 finds the hillsides swaddled in colorful blooms…

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