Goodbye to our Little Princess -Hazelnut (2003-07/25/2021)

We said goodbye to our second cat in as many years yesterday losing Hazelnut to intestinal cancer (among other ailments).

Hazel as a kitten in 2003
Hazel in 2018 – possibly on the same chair.

Hazelnut, aka Hazel, Nut, Nut-nut, Little Princess, or Little Girl came to us after being rescued from a field fire. She earned her name due to her coloration and the fact that she was a bit “nutty”. As a kitten if one of us bent over she would immediately jump onto your back and try and lay down.


While she wasn’t the lap cat that Buddy (post) was in her early years she would snuggle with him and they both liked to watch football with me. She would lay between my legs often resting her head on my foot or shin.
004 (3)

002 (6)



She was, at heart though, a momma’s girl. At night she was often found sleeping on Heather’s pillow.

Hazel didn’t want anything to do with anyone outside of Heather, Dominique or myself. At least not until these last couple of years when age (and thyroid medication) made her calmer. A nervous cat she would spend a lot of time inspecting the house and everything in it. She would constantly be changing her sleeping spots, always somewhere where she could keep an eye on the whole family, and often we only realized where she was after hearing her little sighing sound she often made while asleep (she had some asthma).
IMG_0006She loved sleeping on pillows.

20161221_205608And in the occasional bag/box.

After being diagnosed with a hyperthyroid condition she was put on medication which really seemed to settle her nerves down. Then after losing Buddy she became quite a bit more cuddlier. The only lap she would sit on was Heather’s (and she loved to give Heather “kisses”) but she would lay on my chest anytime I got onto the floor. When I worked from home for a couple of months at the start of the COVID pandemic it was Hazel that made sure I took my breaks and lunch by demanding I stop working and lay down for a few minutes so she could sit on me and nuzzle my chin whiskers. She also started sleeping on top of Heather’s side (or at times on my lower legs again) until the cancer caused some changes. A few months of steroid treatment seemed to help but it came back with a vengeance over the last couple of weeks but she can rest now and hopefully Buddy was there to greet her again.

Hazelnut will be sorely missed but we have nearly 18 years of memories to look fondly back on. Goodbye Little Princess.06020161221_201917

5 replies on “Goodbye to our Little Princess -Hazelnut (2003-07/25/2021)”

Sorry for your loss. 😢 But 18 years is a good run for a kitty. We waited a year before a new bundle of fur came into our lives – along with a whole new set of charming and odd behaviors. 🙂 So, after you’ve given yourself some time. you too might find room for a new kitty? 😸

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